Getting started with Karatbars

By | October 16, 2013

So you’re looking at joining Karatbars or you recently joined and aren’t quite sure where to start? Not to worry – we’ve got some great help articles to get you up and running. No matter if you are completely new to this type of business or are a veteran expert, we have everything you need to get up and going strong in just a few minutes.

There are plenty of reasons why one joins Karatbars but here are a few…

• The safest and smartest place to acquire gold in small and practical quantities that are affordable for the masses

• A true 21st century financial insurance and asset protection to ensure you and your family don’t lose everything WHEN the BIG financial collapse occurs.

• All gold is not created equal. Karatbars is a true 999.9 with embossed stamp authenticating it is an LBMA certified product with best buy back options for when you wish to convert your cash to gold.

• REAL, spendable gold that can be used as a form of payment within our worldwide merchant system.

Keep in mind there are multiple ways to benefit with Karatbars. You can be a free customer who has access to purchase gold in smaller and practical, affordable quantities. And you can also earn a substantial, weekly income just for sharing this product with others.

Setting Up with Karatbars

Getting setup with Karatbars is very easy and can be done in minutes. If you have not already setup your Karatbars account and are ready to get started, click here to join Karatbars.

There is a simple 3 step process to getting your Karatbars account up and running.

1. Create your account and choose whether you prefer to be a customer or reseller.

2. Upload your KYC documents to verify and authorize your account.

3. Purchase product and have it delivered to your front doorstep.

After you get setup with the basics, you can look to do even more. You can immediately start earning an income the second you are signed up. Make sure to watch our Karatbars Compensation Video here to learn more about how you get paid.

You will receive your own replicated website with Karatbars that allows you to promote and track sales via your Karatbars back office. This is where you will manage and monitor all activity; this includes sales, signups, team downline and much more.

Don’t forget, if you ever need any assistance, we are always a phone call or email away.

Make sure to join our frequent training calls/videos and webinars to stay up to date with everything that is going on at Karatbars.

Thanks for stopping by and we will see you on the inside.

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