Is Your Money Really Worthless?

By | October 31, 2013

Concerned about the global economy and looking for safe haven for your financial assets? Many people are beginning to see the signs of the weakening dollar and understand the importance of allocating assets. Anyone looking to buy gold at affordable and practical, transaction-friendly amounts should take a serious look at Karatbars.

If you spend 5 minutes and just look at the value of a dollar in 1913 and then look at the value of a dollar today, you will see that the same purchasing power that existed in 1913 does not exist today. Even looking back just ten years ago, you see many items like candy and milk have doubled in price. This isn’t because the cost of goods is increasing or any other natural factor. This is done through what we call Keynesian Economics and in the video below, you are going to gain a little insight on why our dollar is losing it’s value so rapidly.


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