Robert Kiyosaki’s Predictions For Gold in 2014

By | December 23, 2013

robert-kiyosaki-gold-2014Robert Kiyosaki, a business legend and savvy investor has some interesting predictions for where gold prices are headed in 2014. In a recent interview on GoldSeek, Kiyosaki suggests America is expected to endure a little financial turbulence and may lead to much more drastic, long term issues. He does say that those who are prepared will prosper and come out ahead. Those who don’t, well, his predictions for that crowd are not pleasant.

Most of us buying gold and following gold prices are aware of the current financial situation. The welfare stint is coming close to an end and the government can no longer support the bill. The tax payers are broke and the government continues to drive us deeper down the debt pit. The middle class is disappearing and the only ones benefiting are already spoiled withe excessive wealth.

“I got rid of all my precious metal ETF’s. I don’t trust paper anymore. I stuck with all my hard assets.”

If we continue down this same path, you can kiss the US goodbye. See what Robert Kiyosaki says about buying gold and learn some of the ways you can protect your family and your assets.

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