Steps to Avoid Buying Fake Gold

By | December 13, 2013

Tons of people are waking up and realizing the importance of owning gold and silver, but with that there are more con artists and scammers out there trying to pull one over the unsuspecting public. Considering that majority of the population has never purchased gold, it’s safe to say that most people can be easily duped into buying gold that is not real.  This is why it is imperative you work with a trusted and reputable dealer.

There are tons of ways to purchase gold.  You can go to a coin shop/pawn shop or you can order online.  There are dozens of dealers on the web.   You will also see some tv and radio ads marketing gold but it’s not wise to just buy from someone you see on an advertisement. It doesn’t take a reputable and trustworthy dealer to post an advertisement for precious metals.  Anyone with a little bit of money can easily create an advertisement to sell gold.

Take a look at a recent example where a trustworthy dealer was caught selling fake gold.

These kind of unfortunate events happen every day and we hear about it all the time in this industry.  It usually happens to people who are just getting started with precious metals collecting or investing and someone sees the weakness of the consumer.  It’s easy to be taken advantage of in this industry if you don’t know what you are doing.  But we aren’t suggesting you just hold off and never buy gold.  That would be crazy.  You still need to get your hands on gold.  The only real protection you have when purchasing gold is going through a legitimate dealer that doesn’t buy from middlemen.  We don’t typically recommend buying from local dealers, no matter how reputable they are because they often don’t have control over outside influences.  As you can see in the video above, even the best get burned sometimes.    This is why we have chosen Karatbars as our #1 spot for buying gold.

Karatbars is a credible and secure resource for you to buy gold and have it shipped directly to your home.  We offer .9999 pure gold bullion in affordable, transaction-friendly amounts that is suitable to the masses.

If you are looking at buying gold from a legitimate dealer, make sure to check out Karatbars.  There is an incredible opportunity to hedge against inflation and earn a nice income with Karatbars.  Check it out here. 



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