What Is Really Happening To Your Savings Account?

By | December 5, 2013

Welcome to our website!  The site has been designed to assist individuals with a method to safeguard their savings and financial assets.  By following the detailed steps on this site, a person can acquire a hedge versus inflation to safeguard his/her household, or a small company owner, at ABSOLUTELY NO COST, can supply each of his/her workers with a FREE, Private Savings Account and the chance to exchange a few of their declining fiat dollars  for Karatbars, 999.9 PURE GOLD, in smaller transaction-friendly denominations.

As the dollar continues to lose its place as the world’s preferred currency and its value remains to minimize under the assault of greater living costs and runaway printing of useless paper, just how does it stack up against GOLD tradtionally? Take a look at the chart below and you will see just how much value the dollar has lost.


It is not hard to see here. $100,000 worth of gold in 1932 would be worth over $4.4 million today. Alternatively, $100,000 worth of Cash in 1932 is now worth approximately $2,000. Would you rather have your savings account backed by the faith and credit of fiat paper currency”, or by GOLD?

Karatbars International prides itself in being able to offer 999.9 pure gold bars and coins and prices that are affordable to the masses.  Karatbars offers a distinct line of product, consisting of specialized collectors items that commemorate unique events for those looking for a customized collection. Karatbars has expanded its product line by using the greatest standards in the market for gold production. We also offer a line of limited version or privately branded collector gold cards. Collector cards, particularly rare limited version cards, will typically possess a higher value over the market of gold.

Protect your position today in this amazing, no cost gold savings account.  Exchange your declining currency for real money that has never gone bankrupt in history.

Gold is the best consumable and is expected to soar in value as more and more people become aware of our financial situation and how they will be effected.

Obtaining physical gold and silver is without a doubt one of the best measures one can take at this time.  Especially while the prices are being suppressed, you may never find gold to be this low in price in your life time.  It is both a bullet to rebel against the elite’s corrupt system and a safeguard to your household and wealth in a post-dollar world.  Getting physical gold sends a non-violent, non-compliant message that you have had enough .

Live the life you genuinely deserve, shield, maintain and grow your wealth. Get started with your free Karatbars account by clicking here. 

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